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Like life don't give up.


         The bay is calm,

         Not a breath of wind

         Yet the waves still break on the shore.

         Building their strength silently

         Off in the distance.

         The tell tale signs of the winds building

         Is seen by the ripples on the water.

         The wind builds

         The ripples become waves that move towards the shore

         They seem to throw themselves 

          Aimlessly at the shore

          Wave after wave

         They don’t let up.

         What is their purpose?

         What are they trying to do?

         They try to climb the shore

         They don’t give up.

         Then as the tide retreats

         The waves retreat

         And if the wind continue to blow

         The waves will return with their never ending attack on the shore

         They don’t give up.

         They retreat,


         Then return

        They are there but can’t be seen when the bay is calm

        The wave is a mystery.

         What is its goal?

         What is its purpose?   

         It doesn’t matter.

         A wave is a wave,

         It can be anything

         The mind wants it to be.

         A wave

         It is individual

         Take time to watch them one day

         The wave,

         It is beautiful

         Just like life

         Don’t give up

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