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        We focus,

        Focus on the now.

        Death awakens the mind.

        Yes we tend to forget the past.

        Twenty five years together.

        It is the last months that are you.

        They are fresh in my mind,

        Fresh in my dreams,

        Fresh in my memories.

        I have photos,

        Photos of you,

        Photos of us.

        Had I forgotten?


        We really live in the now.

        Beautiful way back then, but

        It is the recent, the “now” that is vivid.

        Yes you changed over time,

        Appearances mean nothing,

        It is what is beneath the surface.

        You were beautiful at the beginning,

        But with age you grew.

        Grew like the first new bud of spring,

        To the perfect bloom that was you.

        You grew,

        Grew more beautiful till the end.

        In my mind you were complete at death.

        That is how I remember you.

        Beautiful from beginning to end

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