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         We are conceived in the womb,

         Surrounded by warmth.

         We are confined within strong walls.

         We enter the world

         From the loins of a woman

         We suckle the breast,

         It will give us life

         We trust,

         We are loved.

         Even though we don’t understand

         We feel secure

         From the breast milk we grow

         We begin to become our own person

         We are a child for such a fleeting moment,

         We have so much to learn.

          Being a child is preparing us for our destiny.

         We show no fear.

         We leave the nest

         We leave the security.

         It is now that we show fear,

         Fear of what,

         Fear of ourselves

         Can we succeed in life?

         What is life??

         What is success??

         Have we been taught?

         Taught about life,

         Taught that we are capable of anything.

         Life does not have to be a dream.

         We show fear

         We co- exist with a partner

         One stronger than the other.

         The weak one does not reach their full potential

         As they are insecure.

         They show fear.

         But with a death

         The insecure can prevail.

         When they are asked the question

         “What do you want to do for yourself”?

         So hard to answer

         But you search your soul,

         Look within,

         You dig deep

         You show fear.

         It is then you realise

         That like a child

         Who shows no fear

         You can gain strength from them.

         We cannot retreat to the womb

         But we can still feel secure

         By believing in yourself.

         We don’t have to show fear

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