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        Night has fallen,

        You are engulfed by darkness.

        The city lights glow in the distance,

        They show there is life beyond the window

        But you are alone,

        You feel down,

        You are sad.


        You light the candles,

        One by one.

        The flames they dance,

        They reach for the sky.

        Each burns differently,

        All individual.

        They give you light,

        They give you warmth,

        They give you strength.

        But  just like life,

        The flame will die.

        When will that be?

        No one can tell.

        But till the flame dies,

        It will give its best to light the darkness.


        So just like the candle,

        Do not give up till you can breathe no more.

        Be down,

        Be sad,

        But keep the flame burning.

        As we are like the candle,

        Burning to die.


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